Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Policy

I've had some writing published in another venue today and so I'm going to take a 24-hour break from my daily blog-essaying (blessaying).

This will be a policy here at Dr. True's Soup and Read. Today, I will spend the time I save to make my wife a nice dinner. Mild professional success for me = salmon for her.

If you're interested, link to the magazine that's seen fit to link to me, Women's Adventure.

It's especially nice that the writing they've posted online was the result of a team effort. Rob Strong offered valuable suggestions and took stunning photographs to accompany the paragraphistry, and Dave and Sarah Kaufmann were both participants in the event I wrote about and helpful editors of the writing itself.

D.T('s).S.&.R's house music critic, J. Zachary Kessler, also offered extensive, erudite notes.

And special thanks, of course, to Megan. She's just very good and cool and helpful in every way.

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