Thursday, December 22, 2011

Postales del Fin de Mundo

On Monday, Zokeler, Megan and I had an End of the World Dinner. We weren't influenced by Mayans or Nostradamus or Y2K12, but by a coincidence of alcohol. Seeking the evening's spirits, I saw La Fin Du Monde, a Quebecois beer Megan likes, over at Village Bakery, and then we remembered that we'd previously had a wine called Postales del Fin de Mundo, Postcards from the End of the World.

I asked the cashier what she thought "end of the world food" could be and that conversation got me started. We had a brick of frozen smoked bacon left over from Zokeler's last visit that I wanted to get rid of, and I figured saffron, the spice that once caused "The Saffron War," should be in an apocalyptic meal. Typing in "Smoked Bacon AND Saffron," I found a recipe from the restaurant Per Se (check the headline in the link to see that this was an auspicious stumbling-upon).

After a couple hours and a half-dozen explosions, we ate Lobster Corn Chowder (with pollock, the middle class man's lobster, substituting for the clawed thing--even if the world was ending, I didn't see any reason not to save 16 bucks). The soup was pretty delicious, an A, but nothing to send a postcard from the end of the world home about, per se.

We woke up the next day, thankfully, and ate even more smoked bacon. And that diligence, I think, fully justifies this posted card.

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