Thursday, December 3, 2009

Plants and Plickas

Dr. True's Soup and Read's Accu-weather Meteorologist Joe Plicka and his wife Emily gave Megan and me a tremendous wedding present: our first Christmas tree--a 5'6" Douglas Fir. We picked it out (along with many other Yuletide trimmings courtesy of the P's) and put it up tonight.

And under your tree tomorrow? The triumphant return, after a three day hiatus, of my circumlocutions and silliness, covered in tinsel, and with a dash of the serio- thrown in, as always. Shake it to see what's inside. Rip a corner of the paper slowly to prolong the excitement.


Emily said...


Jean said...

Absolutely brilliant wedding gift!
Beautiful tree! Beautiful story!

Joe said...

I am a fan of the Douglass Fir, often looked own upon by promoters of his flashier cousin, the Noble Fir.